PDB Selector

To search for a Power Distribution Block, first fill in the datasheet by selecting items from the sub-menus. Each sub-menu has a Help button to explain what the items mean. After a search has been completed the program will display a list of part numbers with full details of the PDBs which have been found.

Note that most Power Distribution Blocks are of the Box-to-Box type, so that if other types are specified the search is much less likely to be successful. Contact Mersen for further details.

If no match can be found initially, up to 2 further searches are made for PDBs with a larger number of secondary openings or terminals, to try to find a larger PDB which will do the job.

For Finger-Safe PDBs the program searches first for solutions which do not require the use of multiple conductors per opening. Then a further search is done for solutions which require multiple conductors to be used. The results are then listed in order of physical size.