Managing Results Files

When you press a "Save" button, the results will be saved to a text file for future reference or printing. Each time you run the Select-A-Fuse web version, a new file is created on the web server which contains your results only. If you want a permanent record of your results you will have to view the results file using the Results menu and then copy and paste it anywhere you like - so you can save results on your own computer, save different jobs under different names, or email results to yourself if you are working on a borrowed computer.

Unlike for the Windows version of Select-A-Fuse, results are always saved to the temporary web server results file and are not added to any copies you may have made.

The Browse/Edit option allows you to inspect the current contents of the results file, do simple editing operations, including Cut, Copy and Paste to/from the Clipboard, and print.

If you need more complex editing or formatting, import the results file into your favorite word-processor.

The Delete option enables you to delete your current results file and start again.

The Print option prints out your results.

The results file is automatically initialised with a number of headings, (Motors, Transformers, etc.) and results will be saved immediately below these headings, so that all results of the same type will be grouped together. If you delete a section heading, new results will be added at the end of the file.

Note that it is not possible to retrieve old results files from the web server. Be sure to save or print out your results before closing your Select-A-Fuse browser window.